First day in Spain. There was rain.

I can officially say that I made it safely from the United States to Spain. It was a journey of ups and downs and uncertainty- but 11 hours later I am sitting in the living room of the apartment i'm renting. Below is a picture of the sun rising I took from 7 miles above the earth. 

photo by Hillary Clary

photo by Hillary Clary

The first hours here have been so wonderful. The people of Art Print Residencies that I am staying with are so welcoming and kind. I've already learned a  new trick as far as printmaking is concerned. 

Things I have done in the last 24 hours: 

Gone to church

Left for Spain

Arrived in Spain

Rode a train

Got Groceries


Filed the Edges of my Copper Plates

Face Timed my love

Cooked Dinner

And soon to follow- SLEEP

The Town of Arenys de Munt is beautiful and I can't wait to see what else is in store on this journey. 

photo by Hillary Clary

photo by Hillary Clary

photo by Hillary Clary

photo by Hillary Clary

This is the space i'm so excited to work in. Its an enclosed outdoor patio. You can hear the birds chirp and there are turtles crawling around. 


p.s. I missed farmers market art project Saturday this week!