The fourth day

Even on the fourth day, new things are happening! 

I am sitting on my couch catching my breath after taking a walk to and from Arenys de Mar. It was a lovely walk filled with new sights that I missed when I arrived. The city is very walker friendly- I had a sidewalk the entire 15 minutes it took to get to town. I really had no destination in mind, but it ended up being the grocery store because I haven't had chocolate.. or any sugar for that matter in four days. Thats too many days. The town is very small and I felt very safe walking down the side walk passing families and grandparents. It was very cute. Next time, I hope to make it all the way to the beach. 

The walk back was quite tiring. It was all up hill, and the last stretch is up the mountain that my apartment is on. I was pretty out of breath by the time I returned. 

The rest of the day was similar to yesterday. I prepared my plates. they're all etched so hopefully I'll start printing tomorrow!

When it rains heavily here for at least an hour, there is a flash flood and various kinds of vehicles get washed into the ocean. Luckily i'm living on top of a little mountain. And luckily it's obvious when it's about to rain.

The turtles were a little shy today. I think the tremendous thunder storm last night scared them.