The End

I've been back in the States for a few days recuperating from an interesting trip home that consisted of me almost leaving my prints on the train and almost missing my flight to America because of plane delays. 

I can't believe i'm home doing what I normally do after having such an amazing experience in Catalonia. It seems like it went by so fast.  

Here is a summary of my last days at Art Print

here is a not-that-great photo of my big print that I made. It is an abstracted landscape of the view of Arenys de Mar from my apartment room. It was a beautiful view of the town and the sea. I filled it with patterns and textures that I experienced during my trip. There are drawings of cork tree, another tree that I am still trying to find the name of, fish scales, ivy, and a mixture of little plants that filled the space between tiles on my porch.

Soon I will post edited images of the work I made.

Above are images of my trip to the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. It was located in the beautiful Montjuic park in the South Western part of BCN.  The tapestry was by far my favorite piece in the museum. It was an incredible scale and the variety of textures and different layers achieved by weaving the fabric is unlike anything I have seen before. 

On the last day, another family came to visit Art Print for two weeks. They are the High family from Austin, Texas! It was incredible to talk with Tim High, a screen printing professor at UT, about the different processes of printmaking and art in general. His wife and daughter, Cynthia and Anaka(?), were also very wonderful individuals to chat with about art and life. I really hate that we only got to spend a day together, but I must say that we really clicked in that short amount of time and I learned several things that I would not have if I had never met them. Here is some of Tim's Work. This is a screen print! 

Photo from

Photo from

Overall what I value most from my experience is not in the work I made while I was there, It is the knowledge about the process and printing technique, about traveling and planning, and about the valuable friendships and acquaintances made. These things are priceless to me and I loved every second of learning that happened while I was there.



If you have any questions of comments about my trip, feel free to contact me through email and I would love to discuss them with you!