The Last Three Days


Friday was quite wonderful, as it was spent working hard, eating yummy pastries, and going on a drive in the mountains. 

Friday is the day when 6 or so people come into the shop to work on their prints. They also seem to bring a pastry or food item to share with the whole shop which is perfectly fine with me. We had a treat that was pretty much like french toast back home, I think it is just made a little differently. These folks spent their day making prints, and reminiscing on their childhood. Now, I didn't understand any of if, but i still enjoyed the way their good moods permeated the working environment. 

That afternoon, Jordi and Clàudia invited me to go on an afternoon drive with them through the mountains. It was a beautiful sight and Jordi stopped and showed me my very first cork tree! it was so cool to see how people harvest cork from trees on the side of the road. I took a few pieces to keep. 

Friday night dinner selfie: spaghetti with bacon, potatoes, and onion. It was pretty yummy. 

Friday night dinner selfie: spaghetti with bacon, potatoes, and onion. It was pretty yummy. 


Saturday was my journey to Barcelona. I got to go by car which was a really neat way to see some of the city that many local people don't get to experience often. I got to hang out with Jordi and Clàudia's daughter who lives in Barcelona. Experiencing Barcelona with people who live there was a really fun way to see the city. Here are some photos that sum up my day. 


Originally I was suppose to wake up at 7 and go with my hosts to walk around a mountain.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling that well so I continued to sleep. When I woke up, I felt better and decided to go on a little hike since I missed out on the early one. I went across the street to the large park and walked around for hours. It goes up the mountain to a castle that was pretty cool to see. I as walked through the trails on the mountain, the squeals of children became louder and louder until I happened upon the adventure park that has a ropes course. It was filled with families enjoying their Sunday. I'm sure if I could have read the signs, I would have known there was a ropes course, but it was fun stumbling upon it.